Email outreach Masterclass

Whether you utilize cold mail to find prospects, connect to influencers, build your own personal brand, find mentors, or expand your network, there is no denying its might. Cold email is just one of the greatest sales channels you can possibly add to your business to increase profitability. If done well, it will create a massive response.

Unfortunately, most individuals do not do cold email correctly. Our team at Closify analyzed countless cold mail campaigns to raise their effectiveness, and we have discovered why some people do not reach their campaign objectives.

  1. They do not do the research that is crucial for cold email achievement.
  2. They utilize personalization in a way that is artificial (or, worse still( creepy), instead of motivating.
  3. They do not send at the frequency required to create an impact.
  4. They do not commit to enhancing their writing, following up as necessary or measuring their own performance so as to achieve their own objectives.

Composing a fantastic outreach email is not rocket science. There are proven formulas that you are able to leverage, in addition to lessons you can draw from additional digital marketing areas, including conversion rate optimization and advertising copywriting.

However, there is no replacement for hard-work and continuous testing.

In the following course, I will explain to you how you can turn theory to practice, tapping into existing best practices and deploying them in an effective and efficient manner.