Build Quality Check Process for your email outreach

You put in formidable efforts to finalize the email copy and everything it contains within. Coming up with the right subject line and opening lines, writing a convincing email body and personalizing the email to tailor it your audience, all of the steps require a lot of work.

This is exactly why your email system demands a rigorous quality assurance check to ensure that everything is just right and there are no blunders and errors. It is of utmost importance that your email should be error free as one single mistake and your credibility takes a hit for the worse. On Hubspot, Emma Brudner says:

“Misspelling words or misusing punctuation never comes across well, but prospects are more forgiving once they’ve gotten to know you. When you’re reaching out for the first time, a single error can destroy your credibility.”

Take the following steps to make sure that the email you are about to send contains no errors.


Grammarly is Your Friend

Grammarly is available for Microsoft Word, as a web service and as a mobile application. Use it to your benefit to weed out common spelling mistakes, typos and other grammatical errors. If you want advanced grammatical assistance then you can also purchase the premium version of the service which can also check for plagiarism, incorrect use of passive voice and irrelevant vocabulary.

Recheck the Facts and Figures

If you have mentioned any numbers or statistics or made any other claims, recheck them and verify your sources before sending out your email. If your recipient receives an email that’s factually incorrect or has inconsistencies, your credibility goes down the drain along with your opportunity to sell.

Standard Testing

In this step you just need to assess if everything is in the place according to the plan.

  • Ensure your email is going to right person. Mark shouldn’t receive an email tailored for John.
  • Also ensure the email addresses you are using are correct and verified.
  • In case of a CSV import, make sure all the fields are mapped accordingly.
  • It is imperative to know that all the personalization you have done is tasteful and in accordance with standard ethics.
  • Make sure that the focus of the email body is on recipient’s issues and how can you solve them instead of yourself and your product.
  • One of the aspects that get overlooked is cultural and geographical relevancy. See if there’s anything that might be potentially offensive.
  • Most important. Ensure there is a call to action.

A proper quality assurance system in place means you will send the high quality emails to your prospects increasing the odds of getting a positive response. Without it, there is always a chance of botching up which could result in loss of credibility.