Automate your email campaigns

Follow up emails triggered by no replies, clicks and not opened

Automate follow up emails

Follow up emails are triggered automatically, based on replies, opens and clicks

Automatic Follow ups

Campaign Performance

View detailed report on how your outreach is performing.


Get a birds eye view of every thing.

Lead Builder

Filter recipients based on replies, opens and clicks to build your pipeline

Personalisation - key to building relations

Personalise the subject line and the email body, for better open rates and responses

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Email Scheduling

Set email delivery time for high response rate.

Delivery to primary tab

Almost all emails will go to primary tab and not the promotion tab.

Avoid spam filters

Sending pattern avoids being caught into spam filters.

Unsubscribe handling

Unsubscribed recipients, handled automatically.

Get Live Updates

No spam promise – only latest news and prices!


Emails sent!


Campaigns Sent


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